Save water, cut carbon, protect wildlife

UC researchers have devised one simple solution to three big problems facing California: Introducing solar over-canals.

Covering as much of California’s 4,000 miles of aqueducts with solar canopies as possible could save billions of gallons of water each year and produce enough clean energy to power a city the size of Los Angeles for nine months of the year. 


Woman with shoulder-length brown hair and lab coat in a lab lit by blue light with a plastic sheet covering one wall

Transitioning to renewable energy is a complex, high-stakes and urgent challenge. Who better than the world’s leading research university to take it on?

We’re phasing out carbon pollution. 了解如何.

Aerial view of 世界十大电子游戏平台伯克利分校 with green field in foreground
“We’re taking a whole campus and transforming it. 这是一个巨大的工程 ... It’s going to work, but there are not a lot of examples of anyone else out there of doing it.”

Kira Stoll, chief sustainability and carbon solutions officer at 世界十大电子游戏平台伯克利分校


UC enrolls its largest class in history 

The number of undergraduates rose to a record-breaking 233,272, with California students comprising 83.4%. Out-of-state enrollment dipped to its lowest level since 2017.

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82% of undergrads come from California

2 out of 3 California students who applied last year got in.

54% of California undergrads pay no tuition

UC has one of the strongest financial aid programs in the nation. 


Most students complete their studies in just over four years.